Real Estate 101: The Demand and Appeal of Waterfront Properties

Did you know that the proximity to water is one of the single strongest influences to a property’s value? This is something to consider if you are looking at investing waterfront land Pelican Waters has to offer. It is no wonder why the most expensive properties are those that are located close to the beach, river or lake. Home buyers and property investors are aggressively seeking after properties located in a waterfront location! If you are shopping around for a waterfront land for sale, it is important to read up the key influences that impact its value. waterfront land Pelican Waters Factors that Influence Value of Waterfront Properties There are several factors that can impact the cost of waterfront land for sale Caloundra has to offer. Below are just some of them: Desirability Houses or properties located near a body of water tend to offer impeccable views. For this reason, buyers value this kind of property. This particular factor is one of those that influence how waterfront properties are being priced in the market – because sellers now that buyers want them! Scarcity Despite the fact that the world is made up of 70% water, the land upon which you can build property on is scarce. The law of supply and demand therefore suggests that waterfront properties will come with a steeper price than those who are in a waterfront location. Development Cost While the property can offer stunning views, a lot of building restrictions and logistics will be involved in making sure that the land is fit to support the new property to be built over it. From the water system, sewer, electric infrastructure, to the support and foundation for the new building, all of these must be taken into consideration. These factors can also be accounted for during the valuation of the property. If you are shopping around for waterfront land Pelican Waters, you need to know the current market trends. This will give you a good idea on how much to invest in a property and what the prevailing market prices are. For houses located near a waterfront location in Pelican Waters, the median price is at around $655,000 (on average for more than 200 home sales). This means that house prices in the area has risen by up to 20% as compared to prices 5 years ago. The annual growth rate for houses prices in Pelican Waters is at 3.7%. With the growing demand for waterfront land Pelican Waters currently has, you can expect for this rate to keep growing as the years go by. The fact that prices are going to properties in the area also speak to the desirability of this region. Despite the growing prices, more homeowners are still looking to this region to find their ideal home or property. Given that there are many other waterfront communities in QLD, Pelican Waters remain as one of the top communities right now. Are you ready to invest in a waterview land or property of your own? Visit to see listings or get professional consultation when shopping for properties.

Car Safety 101: 4 Features In Your Car That Can Save Your Life

In the past 24 hours, a car locksmith company has launched new emergency services, like emergency locksmith in Joondalup that will be able to serve its community with a 24- hour service. This trend could make a huge difference for people locked out of their cars, requiring a car locksmith in unsafe areas or after work hours, with no other transportation to return home.

car locksmith

The following safety list reminds you of 5 features your car has that could potentially save your life.


Although there is much debate on airbags around the world, you might as well have a car with them rather than without. Airbags may burn during vehicular accidents and if not installed properly from your factory, may cause serious harm. However, it is the only feature between you and hitting your head on the wheel, dashboard or on the front windshield. The airbag works through basic physics where they are deployed by hot air at an estimated 200 mph, immediately stopping your face from hitting any hard surface and then slowly deflating to lessen the impact.

Electric Locks

Whether on your door, seat or seatbelts, in 2017 you ought to have a car with life-saving auto-locking systems. Electric locks on doors somewhat guarantee that you and your family will not be flying out a door anytime soon. Your local car locksmith can easily help you install an electric lock in your vehicle or service one if the rains have caused any water damage. Your local locksmith in Perth can also provide you with your own code in case you get locked out. In case you need more personalized service when you are stuck outside your car, experienced locksmiths such as emergency locksmith in Perth would be able to help you when required.  Click here Silverfern Locksmiths

Sensors & Stability

Avoiding vehicular accidents is a huge priority while designing cars these days, especially those with a higher center of gravity like an SUV. Sensors in cars are placed these days not only to automatically steer a car in the right direction but also to avoid accidents that the human brain may not see in its immediate future. Especially for areas with heavy rain, snow or mudslides, automatic balancing can stop your car from tumbling over.


Just like airbags, seatbelts are a surprisingly debated topic around the world. With most countries making seatbelts a mandatory requirement with the production of faster cars and better roads, seatbelts have been known to save more lives than taking them. Since car crashes are usually split-second, violent and traumatic experiences, not wearing a seatbelt may cause your sternum to smash right into your steering wheel causing instant death. There have been injuries known to be caused by seat belts during an accident, like internal liver injuries or bruised rib cages. However, a surgery or a few weeks in bed may be better than losing your life without buckling up.

If you are looking for local car locksmiths in your area, you can check online at websites like

Which Locksmith Service Do You Need?

Not all locksmiths are the same. This fact might surprise people who do not know much about the services offered by a Perth locksmith but it’s true. There are different types of locksmith specialist services. If you need to hire one, it is therefore important to know the different areas of specialization to ensure that you call the right man for the job. perth locksmith1 Residential Locksmith Residential locksmith is the most common type of service available in this list. It is also the most in-demand since this is what most people would consider a locksmith would do. When you hire a Perth locksmith for domestic security, they can offer a wide range of services designed to deal with the lock and security system at your home. You can hire a residential locksmith to change your locks, make duplicate key copies, or install new locks to reinforce your existing security system. Meanwhile, you can hire this type of locksmith for specialized locks on other rooms in your house such as your garage or your safe. When it concerns the safety of your home and that of your personal belongings, you need to look for a residential locksmith in Perth.  Car Locksmith There are several services that can be provided for by an auto locksmith Perth has today. The most common type of service is to provide access to your vehicle when you forgot your car keys inside. It is not uncommon to see this happen; hence, an auto locksmith can be of service during this situation. Meanwhile, you can also hire an auto locksmith to update your car’s overall security system especially if it is remote controlled. You can use the services of car locksmith Perth currently has to ensure that it would be difficult for other people to break into your vehicle. Commercial Locksmith The services provided by a commercial locksmith can be quite broad. They are often hired by commercial establishments or institutions to provide or maintain security features. A commercial locksmith can therefore be seen working on locks and security systems from hospitals, schools, shops, and other business establishments. Aside from homes, commercial or business establishments are the most vulnerable to being broken into by burglars. By improving your security and lock features, it is a good way to deter access for people with malicious intent. Emergency Locksmith Of the list of Perth locksmith services, this one can offer a broad range of services. In fact, it can encompass all of the above. An emergency locksmith is someone who is available on-call for emergency jobs. For example, you accidentally locked yourself out of your own home or car, you need to call an emergency locksmith for that. This means that that an emergency locksmith must possess a diverse knowledge and experience for handling all types of locks during emergency situations. When in need of a mobile locksmith Perth has today who will be available for emergency jobs or change lock services, you can go to The services are available 24/7 so you can get the services you need whenever you want!